Troubleshooting for the Audi MMI
1) For Android Auto to automatically load on the MMI, Developer Settings need to be accessed in Android Auto.
To Turn on Android Auto Developer Settings:
Settings => Tap on Version 10 times in succession  => Accept turning on Developer Settings

Auto Load Android Auto on the MMI
Settings => 3 dots menu => Developer settings => Request video focus on start (turn on)

If Android Auto does not auto load on the MMI but has connected to the MMI (as shown by a steady blue light on the device), the Android Auto logo will be shown on the MMI Main Menu in place of "Audi Smartphone Interface". Clicking on the Android Auto logo will load Android Auto.

2) Occasionally, Android Auto will not show as connected and the Android Auto option will not show on the MMI Main Menu. To manually connect to Android Auto, do the following:

MMI Main Menu => Audi Smartphone Interface => Change to connection manager => Audi smartphone => (Click on the phone name)

The phone name should be a check box and not grayed out. After clicking on the phone name, Android Auto should load on the MMI.

Note: For this manual connection to work, the AAWireless device must show a steady blue light (indicating that the device has connected successfully to the car).