The Samsung One UI 3.0 under Android 11 has a problem connecting to  the AAWireless Wi-Fi quickly. There are two things that can help. One is the ‘Show network quality info’ setting. The other needs a work around using Samsung’s Bixby Routines. 

Set ‘Show network quality info’ on. Enter the ‘Settings’ app and search for network quality. Select ‘Show network quality info’ and set the slider on. This will speed up the time it takes your phone to notice the AAWireless Wi-Fi access point. 

The second problem is rooted in the fact that when your phone is sleeping, the Wi-Fi is only enabled for new network detection for a short time and then sleeps for minutes. While it is in the sleep interval, it cannot detect the AAWireless Wi-Fi access point. 

Luckily, Bluetooth will accept connections while the phone is sleeping. What needs to be done is to wake the sleeping phone when the Bluetooth connection is made from AAWireless. Do this using Bixby Routines. 

Enter the ‘Settings’ app and search for ‘bixby routines’. Select Bixby Routines and set the slider on. Now select the left part of that line to get to the Bixby routines editor. 

Select Add routine from the bottom line.

Select the sign in the ‘If’ portion of the editor. 

Select Bluetooth device

Under ‘Device’ select Not set

From your ‘Paired devices’ select the entry that begins with         AAWireless-xxxxxxxx

Leave the ‘Connected’ radio button selected

Select Done

Select the sign in the ‘Then’ portion of the editor. 

Select the icon above Functions

Select Navigation button actions

Leave the ‘Home’ radio button selected

Select Done

Select Next on the ‘Add routine’ screen.

Give your routine an appropriate name

Select Done

The next time the AAWireless Bluetooth connects to your phone, the Bixby Routine will simulate the home button. Which will wake the phone, and it will look for new Wi-Fi access points. Once seen by your phone, Android Auto will be able to connect to AAWireless using Wi-Fi and you are on your way to completing connection to your vehicles head unit. 

Your phone will return back to sleep mode after a short timeout. 

This way you can keep your Samsung phone in your pocket or purse or bag and still use Android Auto wirelessly.

Note: A side effect of the Bixby Routine is that anytime the phone is active and the AAWireless Bluetooth connects, it will go to the home screen. If Samsung gives us a way to scan for new Wifi access points while sleeping, we will be able to delete this routine.